My interest in film and video began when I took a television course in high school. I continued my education at Columbia College Chicago where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video. Though my concentration was in editing, I also practiced skills in screenwriting, photography, directing, and live studio production. Later, in 2005, I received my Masters of Education from Carthage College.

I was born in Waspán, Nicaragua but grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I also spent some of my professional career in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California before moving to the Upstate area of South Carolina. My experience has been in both education and film production.


I've been described as a focused dreamer -- something I'm very proud of. I believe I'm the product of my mother's organizational skills and my father's creativity. I've been lucky to use these traits throughout my career.


Spartan Stories
creator, writer, producer, director, editor, camera

Our Community

writer, producer, director, editor

Our University

co-producer, editor

Walks With Lucy

creator, co-writer, producer, director, editor, camera

The Dark Knight Rises
editorial assistant

Action On Film
lead editor, post production supervisor

Sometimes I'm Sad
writer, producer, director, editor

The Scare
producer, director, editor, camera