UNTIL AUTUMN. is a modern blend of singer/songwriter with lush, dreamlike guitars, serene pianos and tranquil vocals.  In comparison to the debut album, Tino Ghost has enhanced the sound for their sophomore effort with stronger vocals, more intimate lyrics, and tightly developed musical arrangements.

Unique, understated, and inspired by themes of lost dreams, detached relationships, and a desperate hope for normalcy.


During the mastering stage of this album, engineer Jim Butler died, which is why "Jimbo" is mentioned in the liner notes.

Written & produced by Jav Rivera
Recorded & mixed by Jacob Singer at 2nd Floor Basement
Mastered by Jim Butler & Richard Robinson
Released on October 10, 2010

© Copyright 2010

Music Video for "Perfect Addict"

Directed by Noelani Mei Lee

Produced by Indigo Rael

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