TIM3 AWAKE (originally titled "3") continues the dream-like sound of my previous album. It's been described as a modern blend of singer/songwriter with lush, dreamlike guitars, serene pianos, and tranquil vocals.


The album focuses on darker themes mixed with a more upbeat -- and polished -- sound. On this album, I tried to create a more vibrant and "trippy" sound. Tim3 Awake focuses on themes of distrust, exhaustion, failure, death, and lack of faith. The entire album was written and recorded during my stint in Los Angeles and, for the most part, is a direct response to my experience.

Written & produced by Jav Rivera

Recorded & mixed by Jacob Singer at 2nd Floor Basement

Mastered by Arthur Alexander

Photography & design by JCR

Released on April 12, 2011

© Copyright 2011

BONUS INFORMATION: Immediately after releasing the album, I regretted my decision to title it "3". It was supposed to be a tentative title but when it came time finish the artwork, I decided to just use it. Soon thereafter I thought of a better title, but by that point it was too late to change it. I still prefer the title "Time Awake" (which comes from the song "Edit"), and have decided to simply rename it unofficially.

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